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Hey, I'm Phene.

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about me

I'm a young trans developer who wants to make the world better with her code.

I own two cats (do ask for pictures!), and I have a maybe-not-so-mild Dr. Pepper addiciton.

I am more of a hardware person than a software one, but I am unfortunately still a student and money is short.

In my spare time, I am often found helping others out in support forums and managing communities. Below are examples of a few places I frequent:

Pronouns: she/they/xe/xir

my mission

My mission is to make simple to use experiences that anyone can use easily and efficiently.

If you're on a phone, tablet, or desktop, if you're disabled or just not good with technology, my experiences will work for you, not against you.

I also strive to make my experiences compact and fast. This page only uses 145 KiB of data and loads in 309 ms!

my work

There's nothing here....yet...👻

my contributions